All aboard please, photographs by Grant Maiden, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Thankfully no interstellar travel or MIQ was required for the shoot I did for this interactive NZ Festival Show created by Kip Chapman and Brad Knewstubb which is on now and getting great reviews.

The five talented actors beamed back to a studio in Wellington where I photographed them in a range of poses and various lighting set ups. It was a good opportunity, and fun, to use some creative lighting techniques that you generally don’t use on a lot of commercial work.

Calder Marshall comped the images together in the final image below and other images like the one you can currently see outside Te Papa.

screenshot from NZ Festival website
outside Te Papa

It’s always fascinating to photograph scientists and to get a glimpse into the work that they undertake. These two shoots for Te Herenga Waka Victoria Universities magazine were no different.

The first is Dr Farah Lamiable-Ouladi and her team from Victoria Universities Ferrier Research Institute who are studying Krabbe Disease, ‘a devastating neurogenerative disorder that causes death within the first two years of life’.

And the second is for a story about the universities support of Maori and Pasifika students in STEM subjects (Science,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics)- featuring physics post grad students Tane Butler and Gabriel Bioletti .

No better place for a shoot of talented film composers (Plan 9 -aka David Donaldson, Janet Roddick and Steve Roche) than an unused swimming pool, church and a really nice studio filled with interesting looking instruments.

This shoot was for their new album entitled ‘The Bewilderness’ and available on Spotify and Bandcamp.